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New Features Coming Soon

As of June 22, 2017 , an upgrade to the bids&tenders TM online procurement system will include the following new features to make eBidding faster, smarter and more efficient! This product upgrade will also include various performance updates and solutions to reported user interface issues.
Watch our on-demand video of the new features .
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eSolutionsGroup named MISA Ontario 2017 Partner of the Year at Annual Awards Banquet

eSolutions was recognized by clients and peers at this year's annual conference for significant contribution to municipal information technology and MISA Ontario
Windsor, ON (June 5, 2017) – eSolutionsGroup...
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Sell your community. Sell an experience.

Today’s travellers are all about the experience. For municipal tourism organizations, the experiential travel trend presents a unique opportunity to market what your community has to offer, taking advantage of... Learn More...


What's new with bids&tenders

A new bids&tenders update is here! We are happy to announce the release of bids&tenders version 3.12.4. The new features are available as of Thursday, April 27.
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Creativity + Technical Tools = Award-Winning Work

“As one of our core values, achieving creative excellence through collaboration with our clients is essential to improving user experiences in all industries,” says Karen Mayfield, President of eSolutionsGroup.... Learn More...


Continuous improvements = long-term benefits

Thanks to members of the bids&tenders User Group, we are continuing our efforts to provide the only end-to-end online procurement management system built for procurement professionals by procurement professionals.
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Do you need to refresh your skills?

With the help of the bids&tenders User Group, we’re constantly making updates to the only end-to-end online procurement management system built by procurement professionals for procurement professionals.... Learn More...


You are the weakest link: 5 Tips to keep your data safe

Most organizations recognize the risk to data and the need to protect sensitive information on their server.  But did you know that recent trends have shown that attackers are increasingly looking for sensitive... Learn More...


We’re moving… to where we belong!

With a long history of developing customer-centric digital solutions for clients in the public sector, including more than 300 organizations across Canada and the United States, eSolutionsGroup (eSolutions) will proudly... Learn More...


Achieving eProcurement Proficiency

“Our ultimate goal was to improve the quality of bids we receive by significantly reducing the number of non-compliant or late bids. The system needed to be simple and mirror the traditional paper process to avoid... Learn More...


After the launch: Ten steps to a site that won’t quit

You did it! Your brand new website is live for the world to see. It features the latest technology and modern online services. It’s cutting-edge and looks fantastic. Most importantly, it’s a hit with your... Learn More...

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