A plan. A story. A pig.

Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO)
The One Investment Program

With the introduction of the One Investment Program - a co-mingled investment program available to Ontario municipalities and broader public sector - the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) wanted to take a unique approach in communicating the advantages of this program to an audience of financial administrators. 


While their name is recognized in Ontario's public sector, AMO knew it would take more than their reputation to convince this audience to invest their money in a new program, especially with current economic challenges and the focus on public accountability. 

Promotion of the One Investment Program needed to be compelling and interesting but at the same time easy-to-understand, trustworthy and relatable. The One Investment Program focuses on making investments now to guarantee opportunities for significant infrastructure improvements later. While the concept of save now in order to have more to spend later is uncomplicated, convincing municipalities to invest their money required a more enticing outlook. The ideas of transparency and trust play significant roles in successful investment programs, eliminating the fear of being taken advantage of or being fooled by numbers that may seem too good to be true.

Our animation, copywriting and marketing teams transformed the ideas of banking, investments and financial security into relatable stories delivered by a little green piggy bank.


The solution.


Analyzing the results of our target market research - which included learning everything we could about the audience and their current investment options - it was clear that addressing significant concerns instead of tiptoeing around them would make investors feel safe and comfortable with the One Investment Program. We developed a value proposition statement that explained why the One Investment Program is a smarter option by addressing investment safety, viability and return. 

How we did it

We created a themed strategy for the One Investment Program, carrying the program's branding and key messages across all materials from infographics to animations. We broke the program down into digestible portions of information, giving a simple yet complete overview of the program and its benefits. With an approachable colour palette and a memorable "mascot," we communicate key messages without being forceful or demanding, allowing the audience to feel that the choice to invest is 100 percent their own - no marketing ploys or aggressive sales pitches. The materials sell themselves, hitting all key messages with the added appeal of a subtle but effective entertainment quality - a surprising result for such a heavy (and sometimes dull) topic.

AMO infographics

The star of the show
An animated chubby piggy bank became the star of the campaign--the chubbier the better, because a fat piggy bank is obviously one with some hefty savings. This character was so effective that it was used as a recurring character in all three animations, complementing the to-the-point and logical script developed for each video. 

AMO pigs in 3 stages

The results

The initial project for AMO was such a success that they approached our team to develop another animated video to promote the High Interest Savings Account (HISA) option related to the One Investment Program. Building on our already strong marketing materials and understanding of the target audience, our team created a fourth animation featuring a plant that grows money to illustrate investing your money and watching it grow.

*Disclaimer: Money doesn't actually grow on trees or plants of any kind. 

Update: As of January 2017, the HISA has grown to over $500 million invested, and the One Investment Program has grown to $1.3 billion invested. 


The team developed a concept and storyboard to clearly communicate key messaging. From there, illustrations and graphical treatments supported skillful animation to bring the story to life. 

Character Development

By developing personas for effective delivery of key messages to the audience, our creative team worked with the idea of a piggy bank to create the positive and inviting live piggy bank character - the star of AMO's short animated videos. 

Graphic Design

Effective branding for the One Investment Program was developed using the expert skills of our marketing and graphic design team, who produced promotional pieces for the program, including infographics and sell sheets.


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