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Canada's Technology Triangle
 (now WREDC)

Got a tough crowd to please? Presenting your value proposition in a clever, thought-provoking and visual way is the key to converting the potential into the invested. 


Canada's Technology Triangle Inc. (CTT), now Waterloo Region Economic Development Corporation (WREDC), was looking to spread the word about the Region of Waterloo as one of the largest technology hubs in the country. As such, they continuously found themselves at events and meetings around the world where multiple organizations were pitching their assets to potential investors. CTT needed to stand out and show their audience of prominent organizations, large businesses and industry leaders the talent and innovation already thriving in "Silicon Valley North".

With the goal of bringing even more attention to the Region on a global level while also attracting potential investors, CTT needed to immediately hook its audience in about 30 seconds. CTT could then focus on presenting the Region's valuable assets: a thriving manufacturing sector (with 18 percent of the employed population in 2014); more than 1000 technology firms; Canada's largest software, hardware, e-learning and satellite companies; and 600 active start-up companies. 

Ranked 16th in the Top 20 Global Startup Ecosystems by Startup Genome in 2012, and the 3rd largest food corridor in North America, CTT has plenty to brag about.



The solution.



Originally developed for an audience of potential investors, this project reached a variety of audiences who interact with CTT, including:

  • Potential investors worldwide
  • Subscribers of the CTT Vimeo channel
  • Attendees at various trade shows
  • Provincial and federal investment teams
  • Citizens of Waterloo Region
  • Local businesses
  • Internal staff


Armed with our task of making CTT's presentations stand out among numerous other pitches to potential investors, our marketing and creative services team was provided with four key words to focus on: diverse, innovative, collaborative and entrepreneurial. Our team decided to focus on the character of Waterloo Region, personifying the area in a way that would allow audiences to form an emotional connection through the key messaging. 

How we did it

We set the stage for CTT to deliver presentations to a variety of audiences, including Foreign Direct Investors (FDIs) interested in expansion and relocation, academic and research organizations, and like-minded innovative communities, by developing two 30-second animations.  


Such a tease! 
The short animated kick-off videos give just enough information to generate a sense of curiosity, encouraging the audience to wonder about what else the presenters have to say. With their audience engaged and already forming questions about the area, CTT can easily move into their main presentation, providing the substance and further explanation the audience now wants.

The art of animation
Building on four key words, our animation and marketing teams created all aspects of the short animated videos - from storyboards and sketches to the script and animation. The use of a 3D environment gives the audience a sense of depth and perspective, while the animations are timed perfectly with the copy in order to emphasize the key messages being communicated.

The soundtracks were also strategically chosen, highlighting key concepts with bright musical notes during transitions in the animations. It builds up to a higher, more positive melody when the words Waterloo Region appear.



Let the work speak for itself
CTT made a strategic choice when hiring our team, a local Waterloo-based digital solutions company. Our work history is a clear example of regional business growth, community prosperity and the creativity and innovation CTT was promoting as key features of the Region of Waterloo.

The results

These innovative, animated communication tools have received enthusiastic endorsement from corporate partners, other municipalities, investment stakeholders, academic institutions, provincial and federal influencers and sector organizations. Many CTT stakeholders also incorporated the animations into their websites and shared them with their networks.

Going beyond the expectations of international audiences and industry leaders, these animations have even been recognized with reputable awards, including: 

The success of this project not only effects CTT presenters and potential investors - it affects Waterloo Region itself, attracting new businesses and new talent enticed by its character.


Our marketing team developed copy to skillfully position four powerful key words as the heart of the Region: diverse, innovative, collaborative and entrepreneurial. 

Brand Positioning

Using animations helped distinguish Waterloo from other regions. The CTT team reported that our work helped define and explain the unique selling position of the region, allowing them to focus their discussions and presentations on the needs of their audience.


Engineered by our animation team to be simple, yet memorable, the animations draw on clean and concise elements to evoke an emotional response from the audience. 


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