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We’re moving… to where we belong!

With a long history of developing customer-centric digital solutions for clients in the public sector, including more than 300 organizations across Canada and the United States, eSolutionsGroup (eSolutions) will proudly join other tech companies in Waterloo’s Idea Quarter by the end of this year.
"As a company that continues to innovate...
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Achieving eProcurement Proficiency

“Our ultimate goal was to improve the quality of bids we receive by significantly reducing the number of non-compliant or late bids. The system needed to be simple and mirror the traditional paper process to avoid... Learn More...


After the launch: Ten steps to a site that won’t quit

You did it! Your brand new website is live for the world to see. It features the latest technology and modern online services. It’s cutting-edge and looks fantastic. Most importantly, it’s a hit with your... Learn More...


Procurement Network Powers Online Strategy

When the Town of Whitby selected an online eProcurement provider in 2014, the move helped meet its objectives to be more efficient, “be more out there, get more bidders”, said Michelle Trudel, Supervisor... Learn More...


Accessible Content = SEO

Did you know that when it comes to web content, accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO) go hand-in-hand? Comparable to those with visual disabilities, search engine robots do not have the ability to visually... Learn More...


To build a better brand, be human

Today's leading brands are going back to the basics by becoming more human. In what brand consultancy Lippincott calls the  Human Era,  making a brand more human is essential to gaining trust and building... Learn More...


The bids&tenders Family Continues To Grow...and Grow!

We are proud to welcome the following new members to our bids&tenders community:
City of Kitchener , Ontario
City of Lethbridge , Alberta
City of Markham , Ontario
City of Orillia , Ontario
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Accessible Documents Training Now Available

Do your documents comply with  Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act  (AODA) legislation?
In November, more than 100 public sector employees and industry leaders attended OpenWeb 2016 to learn...
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HR and Social Media: From Maybe to Must Have

If you want top talent for your municipality, it’s no longer a question of “if”, but “how and when” you implement a social media plan as part of your integrated online communications and... Learn More...


Key Performance Indicators and Your Website – It’s all about the (measurable) results!

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measurable objectives that can be used to identify trends over time, assess Return on Investment (ROI) and ultimately, to determine the effectiveness of your organization’s... Learn More...


Our clients recognized for creative excellence

We are proud to announce that in partnership with eight of our clients we have been recognized in one of the largest competitions of its kind in the world – the 2016  MarCom Awards . This international competition... Learn More...

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