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Meeting the need for transparent online citizen engagement

Introducing our newest affiliate partner, PlaceSpeak! eSolutionsGroup announced yesterday that PlaceSpeak , based in Vancouver, BC, has joined its growing network of affiliate partners, to offer eSolutions clients authenticated online client engagement and further develop relationships between municipalities and their residents.
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Town of Georgina says goodbye to the "tender box"

With the implementation of the Town of Georgina's new e-Procurement software,  bids&tenders by eSolutionsGroup , the Town's Purchasing team is witnessing the final days of the tender box, where suppliers deliver... Learn More...


Blogging Basics - So you wanna be a blogger?

Whether you’re blogging for fame and fortune, as a service to the online community or just as a hobby, a lot goes into managing a blog that not only attracts an audience but also offers value to readers.
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Social media: What's your strategy?

Our last article about  using social media as a business tool  explained that it’s about more than just posting items and waiting for your social media presence to takeoff. Before sending a wave of posts,...... Learn More...


Content is King: winning them over with words

Redesigning your website is exciting. You have the opportunity to refresh your look, upgrade your technology and even shift how you do business with your audience, but it can be hard to know where to begin.  The...... Learn More...


OMama pregnancy app recognized by the 20th Annual Webby Awards

The  OMama pregnancy app  was named Best Mobile App honouree in the health category of this year’s prestigious  Webby Awards . Developed by  BORN Ontario , a program of the  Children’s... Learn More...


Social media: More than hashtags and shoutouts

Businesses beware  – there’s a wrong way to use the social media stage.
The social media craze has created a growing digital community that businesses are trying to reach through their own social...
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A real-time link between you and your community

Changing how communities and municipalities interact, pingstreet  is a mobile tool that goes beyond the connection between a single municipality and their community.
A first-of-its-kind network of municipalities,...
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Kingston Police delivers faster, smarter Police Information Checks...and takes home a MISA Award!

Every year, the  Municipal Information Systems Association of Ontario  (MISA) recognizes municipalities, individuals and organizations for demonstrating innovation in the area of public services. It’s... Learn More...


Fixing the top 3 challenges recruiters face. Today.

HR departments and recruiters are often asked to do more with less – find candidates; make sure they are the perfect fit; ensure they match all of the pre-screening criteria. Now you’re being asked to do... Learn More...


pingstreet, Mississauga's mobile source for City information

pingstreet is a free app that connects you directly with the City of Mississauga.
*Article repurposed from Writer, Jay Kana for  Modern Mississauga.
With everyone living increasingly busy...
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