Mock Tender to Lead to Real Progress for e-Tendering and e-Bonds

After reviewing and attending demonstrations of the bids&tenders system created by eSolutionsGroup (eSolutions), the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA)...

Tuesday September 08, 2015

After reviewing and attending demonstrations of the bids&tenders system created by eSolutionsGroup (eSolutions), the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) has decided to launch a Mock Tender initiative with four OGCA members.

The OGCA has been monitoring the development of e-tendering and related applications, such as e-bonds, but was unimpressed with the lack of user-friendly options on the market for contractors. After viewing a demonstration of Bids & Tenders, the OGCA was pleasantly surprised by what eSolutions had created in collaboration with the Town of Milton.

bids&tenders is a cloud-based SaaS eProcurement solution that was built by procurement professionals for procurement professionals. Guided by Milton’s vision, the goal was to simplify purchasing and automate time-consuming administrative tasks involved in manual procurement processes. Since its creation in 2004, bids&tenders' user-base has grown into 35 organizations and continues to attract new users due to its:

  • Excellent rate of user acceptance
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Several customer-driven upgrades

Over the next few weeks, the Town of Milton, will issue the Mock Tender initiative, in cooperation with the OGCA, to evaluate the electronic bidding and electronic bonding process in terms of simplicity, reliability and quality customer service. The project also aims to attract new community stakeholders.

"We want a system that recognizes industry practice and respects the efforts of contractors and trades in the bidding process, does not create more issues, and can balance the playing field for everyone," said OGCA President, Clive Thurston.

With eSolutions’ commitment to enhancing the electronic bidding features of the product through feedback from customers and the vendor community, Thurston said that it made perfect sense to work with them and the buyer community to explore e-tendering.

In 2014, the Town of Newmarket was the first municipality in Ontario to offer full electronic tendering with bids&tenders. The system allows the procurement department to build online submission forms that include pricing, bonding, references and subcontractor information. These forms can also integrate mandatory requirements and ensure all submissions are 100 per cent compliant and received on time. By posting bids and tenders with full electronic submissions on its website, Newmarket’s opportunities are readily accessible to potential bidders. bids&tenders is a proven, effective way to connect with plan-takers and provides an essential, efficient municipal service.

The OGCA and the Town of Milton’s Mock Tender initiative will demonstrate how useful and user-friendly e-procurement can be. The project will also give eSolutions more valuable feedback from contractors, stakeholders.

"We’re always looking for new ways to make our products even more innovative, more efficient and more accessible,” said Karen Mayfield, President of eSolutions. “User feedback is a vital part of being able to offer the best customer service possible."


For more information about eProcurement and bids&tenders, please contact procurement expert Alison Carden at 

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