New Features Released September 20 - v3.12.6

Explore new dashboard abilities. Familiarize yourself with the CETA/CFTA requirement additions. Begin your journey through the full features update, and...

Wednesday September 20, 2017

Explore new dashboard abilities. Familiarize yourself with the CETA/CFTA requirement additions. Begin your journey through the full features update, and control your account as an administrator with more choice than ever before.

Watch the update 3.12.6 highlights video and keep reading to see what the entire bids&tenders™ update package has to offer.

Update 3.12.6 complete features and changes

We suggest taking a few minutes to read through the complete features update before you get started.

Public Portal

  1. If vendors try to upload documents where an uploaded document already exists, they will be prompted either to overwrite or keep the existing file
  2. Vendors can purchase a 2-year subscription
  3. The bid details page displays selected categories
  4. Documents can be previewed with a watermark/security in any bid status from the public side
  5. The bid description has been removed from the bids homepage and is displayed on the bid details screen
  6. Time zone of the local closing time is displayed next to each time listed on the bid details screen on the public side

CETA/CFTA Notice Requirements

Several fields have been added to the interface to capture information required for CETA/CFTA notices. See our online CETA/CFTA notice attachment for more details.

Bid Details and CETA/CFTA Requirements

  1. When status is changed to awarded, a field to enter the award amount is now required (CETA/CFTA)
  2. Estimated Contract Value field has been renamed to "Estimated Total Contract Value," including all options, fees and costs for the entire contract duration (CETA/CFTA)
  3. Ability for the user to see the categories that were chosen for the bid from the administrator side. The user can toggle to expand the selected categories or hide them
  4. New field added: Negotiation Type (CETA)
  5. New field added: Condition for Participation (CETA)
  6. Allow multiple submissions feature has moved from ebids to bid details tab
  7. New field added: Time-frame for delivery or the duration of the contract (CETA)
  8. Bid type field now displays to the public
  9. Description field on the bid details tab is mandatory (CETA/CFTA)
  10. New fields added to the bid checklist report. Department, division, and number of plan takers are now included. “Sent” column renamed "invited" and “received” column renamed "submissions"
  11. Bid preview option removed and hard-coded to be mandatory so that all documents are previewed for free
  12. "Show bids submitted" renamed "Show Bidders List"
  13. "Show unofficial results" removed as it functions the same as "Show Bidders List" (there is text below this heading name that says the results are unofficial)
  14. Bid documents included when you copy over a bid or template that has attached documents
  15. Radio buttons added for "Goods, Services & Construction" (CETA/CFTA)
  16. Send email button now available for the private link
  17. Team members can easily access the simulate submission from the private link and are no longer required to login

New Permissions for Publishing Control

New permissions allow users to:

  1. Create and publish bids with the bid type "Private"
  2. Create and publish bids with the bid type "Pre-Qual"
  3. Edit bids with a status of "Template"
  4. A colour-coded legend identifies dates added in the calendar
  5. Contract Management Report identifies dates for action, expired contracts, and alerts for when new bid or option years are available
  6. Ability for administrators/users to input questions into the "Vendor Questions" tab on the administrator side
  7. Ability for vendors to submit multiple questions from the public portal so each question gets tracked separately


Vendor Questions


Ability to invite a vendor to join via email from within the system. A new “invite by email” button is available. Once vendors create an account from this link, they will be added to the invitation list.

Exported Submission - Bid Analysis

  1. Folders renamed and formatted to reduce the character file size
  2. Analysis report now includes the bid number and bid description at the top of each tab in the report
  3. Formatting of the prices on the cost analysis has been corrected
  4. Labels are now correct when tax has been calculated on the pricing tables
  5. Conflict of Interest pulled into bid analysis report
  6. When a bid template is copied over, the information on the evaluations tab will now copy over to the new bid (multiple)
  7. Ability to select multiple documents and tables as part of the items that are to be evaluated
  8. Ability for users to save their searches. Users can choose to save the searches as "shared" or "Personal." A dropdown of saved searches will appear and users can select the saved search
  9. Ability for users to add columns to the exported report to create a customized report
  10. Ability for users to search for co-op bids under the advanced search option

Evaluations Tab - RFX Evaluations Module

Search Tab - Bids Module

Vendor History

Additional columns added to the history of a vendor.

Vendor Search

Vendors exported report includes all contacts, not just the primary contact. Export added: Export by Contact.

Bonds & Security - Contracts Module

Tab added to the contracts module that allows users to manage and track bonds and security of the contract. Required fields: amount, type, expiration date, and the ability to upload corresponding items.

New Email Notifications

  1. Deadline for questions date has an email reminder (email to be sent by the number of days indicated for advance notification by user)
  2. Site meeting reminder email will email the purchasing representatives, team members, and plan takers 24 hours prior to the site meeting
  3. Automated award letter email will be sent to purchasing representative and contract administrator representative when pushed out through the contracts module
  4. Automated bid closing reminder email sent to purchasing representative when bid closing time reached
  5. Disabled emails no longer appear on the email wizard

Bug fixes

Various performance and reported user-interface bugs have been fixed.


For more videos, including the one for update 3.12.6, go to our YouTube channel and make the most of your subscription to bids&tenders.

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