New Features Released December 5 - v3.12.7

New features are available for the bids&tenders platform! The December 5 v3.12.7 release includes, system prompts for the “Approver” contact...

Tuesday December 05, 2017

New features are available for the bids&tenders™ platform! The December 5 v3.12.7 release includes, system prompts for the “Approver” contact when “Request for Approval” is selected; automatic posts for unofficial results; and now you can create your own Vendor lists. 

To learn more about the latest bids&tenders updates, please take a few minutes to read the list of features and changes (below) and watch the update v3.12.7 highlights video.

Update 3.12.7 complete features and changes


  • Contracts - Vendor Uploads section will now display purchasing representative and vendor next to the Document that was uploaded.
  • Ability to export list of expired insurance, reminders, list of vendor uploads and closing contracts.

Search Tab

  • "Our vendors" is a report that you can export which will list vendors that have either created an account through your site, registered as a plan taker or submitted a bid to your organization.

Bid Details Tab

  • New Status = Request for Approval. Once a bid has been created in design mode and switched to "Request for Approval", the system will ask who the Approver is. Once both the status and Approver are selected, the system will send an e-mail notification to the Approver.
  • New options for unsealing submissions and price. You now have the ability to have the system automatically unseal bids and display pricing as soon as the bid closes.
  • Bid Classification Pop-up Bubble will assist you with how you are to classify your bid when purchasing a mixture of goods and services.
  • New field added - "Procurement Method" as per CETA/CFTA Requirement.
  • Planned status -when bids are published in this status minimal information is displayed in the bid details for the vendor such as (Bid Classification, Bid number, Bid Name, Bid Status, Planned issue Date and Description.
  • Bid Classification type "service" has been renamed to "services"
  • Bid Classification type "good" has been renamed to "goods"

eBids Tab

  • New Field Type = Estimates. This field will only be visible to users and will be pulled into reports to show estimated values vs. bidder's values on a line by line basis.
  • New Field Type = Points. This field will allow you to show bidders how many points each line item is worth.
  • Ability to hide columns. When creating multiple total columns and calculations, you can hide certain columns so that the form looks simpler for the bidder.
  • Ability to make rows mandatory in Tender Tables, not the Edit Table Rows window.

Invitations Tab

  • New column will show when the last contract was awarded to the invited vendor.
  • No bid responses will be captured in the Invitations Section.
  • Ability to create your own lists of vendors

RFx Evaluations Module

  • New Feature - Evaluators will have the ability to indicate if they have a conflict of interest.
  • Ability to provide Instructions to Evaluators when they first start their evaluation online.
  • Ability to input general comments on an evaluations from the admin side
  • Many updates to this module to enhance the user experience

Contracts Module

  • Ability to deactivate a vendor from a contract so they no longer receive notifications from the system.
  • Contract Management Report will now pull in Bonds & Security.
  • Ability to search contracts in design mode status


  • On the general tab in configurations - you can configure a value/threshold where the system will detect the number of bids submitted. This feature is so that the system will NOT automatically unseal bids and post results if the number of submissions is less than the value inputted here.
  • On the general tab in configurations - you can default the submission type on the bid details to "online submission only" or "hard copy submissions"
  • On the general tab in configurations you can set a default for the purchasing representative
  • Exported addenda template can be defaulted to Arial Font size 12
  • Bid Summary report on the submissions and awards tab renamed to Compliance report
  • Date range search available on your public portal

Various performance and reported user interface bugs have been fixed.

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