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More than ever, it's important for our community leaders to support our citizens' well-being by striking a balance with the important messages we share....

Tuesday April 07, 2020

More than ever, it’s important for our community leaders to support our citizens’ well-being by striking a balance with the important messages we share. The negative impacts of the crisis can be overwhelming. Spreading positivity is just as important as keeping the public informed about COVID-19. By doing this, you can keep your community strong so that together, you can overcome these challenges. Here are some helpful tips to foster a sense of compassion and spread positivity throughout your community.

Bridge the connection

Finding effective ways to connect with your community starts with understanding your citizens and their values. If you have a close-knit community that values human connections, look for ideas that will allow safe physically distant, in-person connections. We’ve seen examples of people engaging in shared activities on their balconies, and neighbourhoods “gathering” for coffee on their driveways. Even a simple phone call between friends or neighbours helps maintain personal connections. Give them a few ideas and watch them keep the ball rolling.

For communities that place a higher value on independence, consider promoting digital communications. Share positive thoughts to keep people’s spirits high and promote opportunities to connect through your online community. This can help reduce feelings of isolation for those who may prefer engaging digitally.

Websites with human connection

Many citizens look to their municipal website for important information and regular updates. Why not include space for positivity on your COVID-19 landing page? Although websites may seem formal, adding personal video messages from your mayor or organizational leaders offers a familiar face and lets the community know that someone is out there keeping your community safe.

Include supportive sections on your landing page that provide resources for mental health and for those who are more vulnerable during this time to show that you care for everyone’s well-being. Share these resources and messages on social media where you can continue spreading positive messages and reach a wider audience. By connecting your digital platforms together, your community will feel more connected and your positive messaging will continue to grow.

Build up your virtual community

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can become funnels for sending quick, important COVID-19 messages to your citizens. Yet, consider that these channels are also built for creating social communities that foster positive engagement with your citizens. Start conversations with citizens by using a consistent hashtag that encourages people to share posts and images of what they are doing to stay positive.

Some communities share acts of kindness seen throughout the week, while others create community Facebook groups to help neighbours stay healthy and safe. Promoting the many fun activities that children have begun to do at a distance on social media can inspire more children within the community to feel included, while showing them how they can make the most out of their time away from school.

Supporting the creative ways local businesses are staying afloat through your social channels can also be an effective way to bring exposure to the talents of your community. This can also introduce people to new experiences like online cooking classes, virtual art and yoga sessions, livestream music concerts and virtual tours of zoos. The best part about fostering an online community is that you can choose what channels and ideas bring your community together in a way that speaks to them.

Ideas to get you started

To get the ideas flowing, download our list of ways you can positively engage with your community. This resource offers specific examples of how you can spread positivity from involving your mayor and council to providing thoughtful ways to support your community and boosting happiness with fun family and kids activities!

Needing hand at implementing an idea within your community? Contact us at and let’s spread the positivity together!

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