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Thanks to members of the bids&tenders User Group, we are continuing our efforts to provide the only end-to-end online procurement management system...

Monday April 10, 2017

Thanks to members of the bids&tenders User Group, we are continuing our efforts to provide the only end-to-end online procurement management system built for procurement professionals by procurement professionals.

Why does it matter? User feedback is the key to providing both buyers and suppliers an online procurement system that works for them. With changing needs, users seek a system that can adapt and evolve with the industry. 


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Date: Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Time: 9:25 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Location: Northridge Public Golf Course and Learning Centre


Here’s what we talked about at the last User Group meeting:

Electronic funds transfers

eSolutions and York Region are looking to integrate Electronic Fund Transfers into the bids&tenders online bidding system. This would allow bidders to transfer their funds directly to you during the submission process.

Workflow Committee

Looking to make management of the entire procurement process as easy, streamlined and efficient as possible, we are putting together a Workflow Committee to explore ways we can incorporate the pre-bid process into the bids&tenders system, including budget approval and requisition information.

Public roadmap

Knowing where the bids&tenders system is heading in regards to upgrades and updates certainly helps our users plan for the future of their own procurement procedures. That’s why eSolutions has decided to introduce a public roadmap of future plans and upcoming updates. You can see the evolution of the system unfold and stay informed of what’s next.

Current items on our bids&tenders roadmap include:

  • Automated filing of “Completed Submissions” from the awarded vendor into the Vendor Documents tab of the Contracts Module when creating a new contract (completed submissions currently being filed in the “Other Documents” tab)
  • Addition of new “Role” field in the Employees tab that will carry over to the Team Members tab when setting up a new bid
  • Ability for team members to view closed or awarded bids through the Public Portal
  • Ability for the public to view bid documents after the bid has been closed/awarded but with a Preview Watermark
  • Creation of an area in the Administrative Portal for buyers to share bid documents with each other
  • Introduction of a file size limit for uploads when attaching documents to emails

Got a suggestion for the bids&tenders roadmap? Join our next User Group meeting and share your ideas with us!


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