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Changing how communities and municipalities interact, pingstreet is a mobile tool that goes beyond the connection between a single municipality and their...

Monday July 25, 2016

Changing how communities and municipalities interact, pingstreet is a mobile tool that goes beyond the connection between a single municipality and their community.

A first-of-its-kind network of municipalities, pingstreet gives citizens access to any pingstreet community, not just their own. The application also gives municipalities the chance to collaborate with each other about citizen-focused services. 

Adapting at a phenomenal rate, new features are frequently being added to pingstreet. Connecting users directly to real-time information, the City of Kitchener’s pingstreet platform will soon feature two new tiles – a Leaf Collection and Snow Plow tile. The new additions will use pingstreet’s location-based technology to allow users easy access to important information about these services, directly through their mobile devices. 

The Leaf Collection tile allows users to access information about the city’s annual leaf collection program, which runs every year in October and November, including:

  • Mulching and composting
  • Leaf drop-off sites
  • Yard waste pick-up days

Using existing data from the City of Kitchener’s Geographic Information System (GIS), pingstreet generates leaf pick-up information. The app also has the ability to transform GIS data into a more user-friendly format. The innovative platforms for displaying this type of data allow users to see the information in a way that they will understand and can interact with. There’s no extra work required on the municipality’s end and users can quickly access citywide information.

By the time snow starts falling in the city, Kitchener will also launch their Snow Plow tile. This tool will track snowplow locations in real-time and show users planned snowplow routes. They will also be able to access information about the city’s street regulations during heavy snowfalls and storms.

The City of Kitchener is just one of many municipalities that have embraced the pingstreet mobile app, introducing new tiles that make sense for their community. One of the major benefits of signing up to be a part of the pingstreet community is being able to customize the mobile application to meet the unique needs of your citizens.

Connecting communities through a tailored experience also gives municipalities a chance to engage citizens in certain priorities. The mobile app also helps shape the objectives of municipalities through user data collection – a valuable tool for municipalities to learn what residents and visitors want and need from them. 

The award-wining app is growing at a tremendous rate and is easily adapting to user needs. Connecting municipalities to their communities is one of eSolutions’ main areas of expertise. Innovative, user-centric projects focused on community engagement have earned the company multiple prestigious awards in international competitions.

2015 was a good year...

  • 2015 MarCom Marketing and Communications Awards - 21 awards for various projects
  • 2015 Hermes Creative Awards – 10 awards in 7 categories
  • 2015 – Platinum Award for Favorite Website Design Company
  • 2015 GTEC – City of Calgary, Police Information Check
  • 2015 MISA– Excellence in Municipal Systems Award, City of Kitchener, Municipal Consent Initiative
  • 2015 MISA–Excellence in Municipal Systems Award, Town of Newmarket, eTendering
  • 2015 MISA–Excellence in Municipal Systems Award, Town of Milton, Electronic Dog Licensing Integration with AMANDA
  • 2015 MISA–Excellence in Municipal Systems Award, City of Burlington, e-Government Program
  • AMCTO – Town of Newmarket won the E.A. Danby Award Recognizing Municipalities for Outstanding Performance Improvement Through Innovative Practices – Town of Newmarket E-bidding Application (bids&tenders)

eSolutions and the municipalities who have already joined the pingstreet movement continue to see new opportunities for making relevant, up-to-date information easily available to users on their mobile devices. Like the City of Kitchener, other municipalities have also introduced new tiles to their pingstreet platforms in order to offer residents and visitors the information and services they’re looking for.

Recently developed pingstreet tiles include:

Report a Problem
The City of Mississauga will launch their new Report a Problem tile on October 30. The tool integrates the Open 311 reporting system, allowing the municipality to create an unlimited number of custom reporting forms. Pingstreet users will be able to report problems quickly and easily and the municipality will use Pingstreet to manage the workflow. 

Virtual Cambridge
The City of Cambridge introduced the Virtual Cambridge tile, which launches a third party application called Layer. This tool connects pingstreet users to a virtual reality of the municipality, revealing information hidden around the community and encouraging users to explore Cambridge on an entirely new level. 

On the administrative side, eSolutions is constantly coming up with new ways to help municipalities get the most out of the pingstreet mobile application. We will be introducing new features, including the ability to update the Dashboard banner image whenever you’d like and a tool for broadcasting short, 140-character notifications. Users will also have the option to click on the short notification messages to view a longer message, if available.

We’re also developing a feature to give municipalities the ability to send target notifications to certain geographic locations. Users in that targeted area will automatically receive the message tagged to that location. This location-based notification tool can be used to communicate important information about detours on roads or trails or even community events in the area.

Have a great idea for a new pingstreet Tile? Contact us to discuss how we can make it happen!

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