Kingston Police delivers faster, smarter Police Information Checks...and takes home a MISA Award!

Every year, the Municipal Information Systems Association of Ontario (MISA) recognizes municipalities, individuals and organizations for demonstrating...

Monday July 25, 2016

Every year, the Municipal Information Systems Association of Ontario (MISA) recognizes municipalities, individuals and organizations for demonstrating innovation in the area of public services. It’s a way to recognize the leaps and bounds being made when it comes to serving communities better by harnessing the power of some of the latest information technology out there.

This year, Kingston Police was honoured with an Excellence in Municipal Systems award at MISA’s Annual Conference Awards Banquet. The system that caught MISA’s attention? K-PIC – the Kingston Police version of the electronic Police Information Check (ePIC) system developed by eSolutionsGroup.

Receiving about 6,000 applications per year, Kingston Police was spending about 24,000 hours (4 hours per application) on processing Police Information Checks. With K-PIC it takes only 20 minutes to process an application. Now that’s improved efficiency!

MISA’s award for Excellence in Municipal Systems recognizes those who have taken significant steps towards setting a new standard for citizen-focused services. Through high levels of collaboration and use of information technology, organizations like Kingston Police are changing the way the Public Sector thinks about delivery services.

With strategic goals of making the Police Information Check process faster and easier, with less room for errors, K-PIC offers citizens an improved customer experience through an online self-serve system. Highlights of K-PIC not only include saving users and administrators time, but the system also transforms a manual, hard copy process into an electronic paperless process.

“K-PIC is a far more robust solution than our previous 2005 system,” says Scott Geoffrey, Director, Information Services at Kingston Police. “It’s like night and day in terms of its capabilities and features, and offers a superior, end-to-end solution, making our Police Information Checks more convenient and easier for citizens.”

Feedback from the Kingston community has already been overwhelming positive! Citizens find K-PIC extremely easy to use and they appreciate the real-time service it provides. It’s the type of service they’ve come to expect from other institutions, such as banks. Fully integrated with Versaterm Fingerprinting hardware, K-PIC also allows applicants to schedule fingerprint appointments online.

K-PIC even gives applicants the ability to take photos of their two pieces of government-issued identification (required for a Police Information Check) and upload them directly to the system using their phone or other mobile device. No more waiting in long line-ups!  

Other features of the system include:

  • ID verification in real-time
  • Detailed summary dashboard and reports
  • Unique reference numbers linked to application’s status
  • Easy coordination of select police service (local, provincial, RCMP)

Looking for qualified volunteers with approved Police Information Checks? No problem! K-PIC also streamlines the process of delivering approved checks with volunteer applications to agencies in need of volunteers. K-PIC keeps application processes running smoothly so organizations can connect with the volunteers they need quickly.

“Applicants can share their results with necessary stakeholders seamlessly which in turn means less time delays, reduced associated costs, and expedited placement for potential employees, volunteers and students,” explains Geoffrey. 

Early stats show that K-PIC is experiencing high levels of user acceptance. Kingston Police has already processed and approved more than 3,000 applications since its implementation. They anticipate processing approximately another 3,000 by the end of the year.

Congratulations Kingston Police! We can’t wait to see what other innovations you explore next.

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