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Thanks for participating in the AMO webinar on accessibility and digital solutions to help combat COVID-19. Here you’ll find more information on our available services and products.

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Fulfill your obligations to protect workers from hazards in the workplace, including COVID-19, by implementing SimpleTrack to screen, track, report and investigate possible exposures when your employees return to work.



Our appointment booking platform lets the public book appointments online to help you manage physical distancing and return-to-work restrictions.



Governments across North America are beginning to enforce laws that require all public documents and websites to be fully accessible to everyone to help achieve a no-barriers environment. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start updating your documents today.

CONTACT CONNECT Whether you’re tracking employees to ensure safe distance is kept for COVID-19 purposes, or performing contact tracing to prevent an outbreak, CONTACT CONNECT can help make your facility safe. Learn more about CONTACT CONNECT
Early Detect Add wastewater testing to your response activities. Studies show wastewater is an effective and non-disruptive way to monitor conditions and provide proactive responses, even in the absence of physical symptoms. This early warning allows you to protect your most at risk residents and ensure a safe and effective COVID response. Learn about Early Detect


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