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As a Product Manager at eSolutionsGroup, you’ll be challenged with a deep dive into our processes as you quickly get up to speed with our company, our industry, and our Products. Learning these tasks and grasping an understanding of our business will enable you to develop a brilliant product strategy shaped by market trends, customer needs, and immediate business opportunities. You really know what it means to be Agile, you know what a user story is and how to write one, including the acceptance criteria, definition of ready and definition of done. When I comes your backlog, you know how to groom it, prioritize it and have strength to say “no” when you need you. Your focus is to meet with our customers, know their pain points, desires, delighters, you know them well enough to jump into the future and determine for them what they need.

What you'll do

  • Working cross-functionally with developers, our clients, and our marketing and sales staff to create products that delight our customers 
  • Becoming a voice for our customers through ongoing product discovery efforts, continuous feedback gathering, and championing client empathy 
  • Developing product requirements, owning the backlog prioritization, and writing user stories and acceptance criteria
  • Taking complete ownership of your product by continuously monitoring client usage, feedback, and pain points, as well as keeping on top of product performance data and delivering and executing plans to keep clients satisfied with the product (including through regular product updates)
  • Looking for ways to increase efficiencies by refining current product management processes, as well as developing new ones 
  • Performing comparator product analyses to identify both new opportunities and threats, and putting together recommendations on how best to respond 
  • Influencing the overall product roadmap by consolidating key ideas, aligning strategies, and executing plans and tasks
  • Meeting with customers to get feedback, input and insight
  • Conducting regular customer product user groups

Your skills, experience and qualifications

  • 5+ years Product management experience 
  • 3+ years in Agile / Scrum
  • Ability to develop technical product requirements 
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • The ability to develop sound business cases and plans
  • Comfortable and adaptable with a fast-paced, quickly changing environment
  • Confident using JIRA in an agile environment

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