2018 Municipal Elections

The October 22, 2018 municipal election will be here before you know it. You need on-the-ground help generating voter engagement. We can help.


The easier it is for voters to be informed, the greater the potential for increased engagement. 

There are many areas on your website where election info can live – news feeds, social media channels, notices, etc., making it hard for voters to see the complete picture.

Our dedicated election microsite and election landing page are built for your election. With clear navigation, a 100% election focus, and a complete section for candidates, your citizens can get all the information to make an informed choice. Spend less time fielding phone calls and inquiries and keep your team focused on the 1,001 daily tasks you already have coordinating an election.

Deliver the information citizens want, and more importantly the information they need. Increase voter engagement and turn the 2018 municipal election into your most successful election yet!

Contact us now to make sure you are ‘election-ready.'

Our turnkey Municipal Election services include:

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