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Send your files, no matter what their size, quickly and easily.

We know how important it is to be able to share information digitally with vendors, staff and customers. Limited to file attachment sizes can bring your workflow to a halt. Keep communications and information flowing with 2big4email, a secure file exchange system that can handle your large files.  


Users can set expiry dates and passwords for extra security. The system automatically sends reminders to senders and recipients about expiry dates. It also allows system administrators to track who downloads files, when they're downloaded and how many times they're downloaded. You can also set permissions for who can send and receive files, expire or delete uploaded files or extend expiry dates for files already uploaded.

For seamless integration, you can customize your own organization's 2big4email landing page with text, colours and logos or embed the system directly within your website.

Need to send a file largers than 2GB? No problem! 2big4email now gives you the option to increase file size limits, if needed. 

2big4email is available for licensed clients. To begin using this service please contact us.

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