Appointment Booking

Book appointments online for in person services to help meet physical distancing requirements

As municipal offices begin to reopen, staffing levels and public access may still be restricted. How will you ensure you’re following return to work guidelines while delivering necessary in person services?

From planning or building permit applications to freedom of information requests or picking up marriage licenses, there are certain city services that may still need to be completed in person. Our online booking platform lets the public book appointments for these services to help you manage physical distancing and return to work restrictions.


Features Include

calendar view icon

Calendar view to allow the public to easily book and manage appointments for City services.

backend icon

Manage availability and bookings across your City by department, person or location.

staff reminders icon

Notifications for when appointments are booked, cancelled, rescheduled and a 24hr appointment reminder.

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Fully customizable platform and ability to embed within your website. Unlimited users with a customizable permission system.

download reports icon

Downloadable reports provide insights on booking volumes for staff resource allocation.

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Data protection to give you the peace-of-mind that personal information is secure. 

Our appointment booking platform can help keep your staff and visitors safe as you return to work. Get started by scheduling a 30 minute demo.

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