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Online payments are essential for keeping your organization’s everyday services running as social distancing continues. By integrating eCommerce into Form Builder, you can continue your payment services with online forms in a secure, safe and easy way with trusted PCI compliance, all without the need for in-person transactions.

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Move your services online

Digital forms, workflows and eCommerce can help you minimize service disruptions, maintain revenue streams and continue business and procurement practices while social distancing restrictions and remote working conditions are in place. As you look for ways to improve your organization’s flexibility and business efficiencies, there are many services that Form Builder can kick back into gear for your citizens with online forms.

These services include:

  • Property taxes
  • Utility bills
  • Parking permits
  • Permit applications
  • Registrations
  • Surveys and feedback forms
  • Donations

Ready to move one of these services to your website? Give us a shout today and we can work together to find a solution that fits your needs.

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Meet your community’s needs

As organizations who serve the public, we know that your citizens are top priority. eCommerce allows you to streamline your payments, keep them on schedule and ensure that they are accessible for your citizens. With customized online payment forms, you can meet the immediate needs of your citizens and reduce the amount of customer service so your organization can run efficiently. eCommerce has the ability to help improve their daily life with these value-add features:

  • Customizable applications, submissions and payment forms
  • Payment forms with adjustable price points based on user responses
  • Unlimited number of online payment forms to suit your audience’s needs
  • Security through our PCI Compliant Data Fortress
  • Accessible forms that comply with WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards

Make your community a place where your citizens can thrive online. Make the switch to digital transactions today!

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Let us help you increase your transactions with online forms and improve your business efficiencies to provide the best service to your citizens. We can get eCommerce up and running within two weeks depending on the payment provider. Take advantage of these benefits and see Form Builder with eCommerce in action by registering for our next online demo today. 

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Improve your internal process

One of the biggest perks to eCommerce is the internal benefits it provides your organization. Save time, money and efforts with our streamlined solution and reap the rewards for a better future with:

  • Organized response status tracking
  • Integrated e-signatures feature
  • Audit history of all status changes
  • Password protection
  • Various permission levels
  • Ability to set opening and closing dates
  • Results tracking in real time
  • Export options using Microsoft Excel

Boost your organization with these cost-saving benefits and discover what you can do with Form Builder at our next demo.

Our third-party payment providers

We partner with trusted third-party payment provider Bambora to integrate eCommerce with your Form Builder product. Already have a preferred payment provider? We can adjust to fit what works best for you. Learn more about how we can integrate payment providers for you in our next online demo.

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Accessibility and compliance

Our online forms compliance to WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliancy standards empowers you with the ability to provide online forms that are accessible. Meet all your citizen’s needs so everyone can participate on your website. Whether you have outdated or non-accessible PDF’s on your website or you’re ready to leave your physical paper forms behind, Form Builder can help you transform your process and make your forms accessible to all online.

Accessible features include: 

  • Responsive design that is mobile-friendly and adapts to any screen size 
  • Special functions like text boxes, drop down lists, multiple choice, data selection, file upload and CAPTCHA verification 
  • Seamless integration into your website 
  • Ready to use feedback and staff compliment forms (in accordance with Ontario’s Bill 8 legislation)  
  • Email address validation 

Learn how you can meet accessibility standards and provide the digital service your citizens deserve by checking out our next online demo.

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