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COVID-19: How we can help you

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Amid the uncertainty and disruptions that COVID-19 brings, we are committed to continued service in a safe environment for our team members.

How our tools and services can help

We know that these are exceptional times with exceptional circumstances. Your organization's day-to-day activities, functions and priorities may have shifted dramatically. We understand. In these times of social distancing and closed offices, our digital tools and resources can help you bring your processes online so that you can continue to deliver services to your stakeholders even during provincial and community shutdowns.

Contact tracing platform 

Fulfill your obligations to protect workers from hazards in the workplace, including COVID-19 by implementing the COVID-19 Contact Tracing Platform to screen, track, report and investigate possible exposures when your employees return to work.

Emergency banners and alerts

Deliver automatic COVID-19 related alerts to subscribed users and display emergency pop-up banners whenever a user enters your site. Easily create news categories and integrate site updates with your social media accounts to save time and improve your message's reach across all organizational channels.

Form Builder with eCommerce

Bring all your critical information gathering and payment services online. Use Form Builder to eliminate the need for residents to make in-person visits to your office and easily create accessible, responsive forms that integrate smoothly with your site, allow your users to make secure payments, and perform digital signatures from anywhere at any time. 

Digital procurement platforms

Bring your procurement processes online to help ensure smooth, continual purchasing activity within your organization. Take away the need for public openings with results posted online. Take away the uncertainty associated with hard copy bid submissions, closed offices and travel risks. Reach a wide array of vendors that provide goods and services in the event of an emergency.

Crisis communication services

Our expert communications team can help you with crisis communications, creating internal and external communications plans, which outline clear roles, responsibilities and processes to get you through any difficult period. We develop social media strategies, posts, copy, graphics and web content that can help you deliver clear, consistent, trustworthy and reliable communication throughout any crisis.

Usability testing and focus groups

Keep your residents engaged online with usability testing and focus groups and start gathering more website feedback from your community. With navigation tree testing and card sorting exercises, you'll be able to assess the effectiveness and usability of your website remotely and safely.

Secure site portal with internal storage

Finding it difficult to share information with colleagues while working remotely? Our secure site portal brings your staff to a centralized, secure online location where you can communicate and share resources. These sites are closed to the public and require access to enter, so you can keep your information safe, secure and accessible even without the ability to access on-location, server-based tools (e.g., location-based intranets) or in-person communications tools.

Community calendar updates

Easily update all subscribed community calendar users with ongoing changes, postponements and cancellations, which can all be digitally communicated to the public with the click of a button.

Here are some tools to help you make changes, announcements and updates within your i:Create website.

How do I add a new page?

You can add new pages to your website from the i:Create Workbench. If you’re on a page in edit mode, you can access the Workbench using the home icon on the top toolbar:

  • Select the vertical you want to create your new page under from the menu on the left side of the screen

  • Click the “Add+” button from the toolbar

This will open the Create New Page pop-up box. Click the “Save changes” button when you are finished entering all of the necessary information. Your new page will be added to the Page List in the i:Create Workbench. If you add, delete, rename or copy a page, you’ll need to update the page in Menu Manager as well.

Fill out the Create New Page fields

Enter the name of your page. The File Name and SEO Title will automatically populate based on your page name. All fields marked with an asterisk are required.


If this field is blank, select the appropriate menu vertical or area from the dropdown menu. This should default to the menu vertical that you’re adding the page under.


Select the template that you’d like to use for this page from the dropdown menu. To create a page with Layout Builder, you need to select the “Interior Layout” template, if available.

Description and Social Media Image URL

Enter a brief description (fewer than 155 characters) that summarizes the information on the page. If you want to set a custom image for social media when sharing the page, you can select an image from the File Manager. We recommend an image size of 1200 x 630. If you don’t select an image, i:Create will default to your website logo. 

How do I publish a page?

Once you publish a page, its content will be visible to the public. Make sure to edit and save all your changes before publishing. To publish your work from the Page Editor, click the “Publish Page” button located on the Main Toolbar and the Publishing Page pop-up box will open.

Ready to publish?

You’ll need to:

  1. Select the “Publish Immediately” checkbox

  2. Click the “Save changes” button

  3. Close the Publish Page window by clicking the “x” in the top-right corner

Need to unpublish a page?

If you would like to unpublish a page from the Page Editor, click the “Unpublish Page” button on the Main Toolbar. 

How do I add a page to the website’s menu?

Now that you’ve created your new page, you should add it to the website’s main menu or “MainNav.” Start by going to Menu Manager in the i:Create Workbench and then follow these instructions.

Locking the menu

Before you can add, delete or move pages in Menu Manager, you need to lock the menu. Select the “Lock” button from the Working Menu toolbar in Menu Manger. By locking the menu, you ensure that no one else can edit the menu at the same time.

Adding a menu item

To add an item to one of your menus, select the “+” icon next to the menu you want to edit (e.g., MainNav). A list of menu options will appear.

Click the area of the menu that you would like to add your page to (e.g., Living Here), then:

  1. Select the “New Menu” button from the Working Menu toolbar

  2. Complete the “Link Text” field by adding the name of the page you’d like to link to, which will autofill as you begin typing

  3. Select the page name from the autofill list

  4. Make sure the checkboxes “In Sitemap,” “Visible” and “Default Link” are selected

  5. Click the “Save” button to add the page to your menu

The Link Text should now be added to the appropriate menu on the left of the screen and you just need to publish your changes to the menu, as set out below.

Publishing your changes to the menu

You will need to publish the menu in order for these changes to appear on your live website. To publish a menu, select the “Publish” button located in the Working Menu toolbar in Menu Manager. Once you’ve published the menu, all changes will appear on the live website. 

What’s the best way to cancel Calendar events?

Cancelling an event on your calendar individually—especially if you have recurring events set up for months in the future — is daunting and you want to avoid having to re-create them down the road.

You can make some quick changes and manage your calendar without cancelling each event, such as:

  1. Post a notice that all events are cancelled until further notice
  2. Add a note to the weekly calendar digest that all events are cancelled until further notice
  3. Edit your homepage and landing page event feeds to include links to your calendars instead of the events feed, which will ensure that visitors will receive the notice you posted

Posting a notice above your calendar

From the i:Create Workbench, you’ll need to find your calendar’s parser page. It’s often titled “Calendar” or something similar.

Finding your calendar parser page:

  1. Find the “You are here” line at the top of the i:Create Workbench (You should see something like “Home > Your Organization > General” (please note, in this example  “Your Corporation” will be the name of your organization)
  2. Click on the name of your organization and you should now see “General > Your Organization”
  3. In the search field above the page list, type “Calendar” and click the “Search” button
  4. Click the Calendar page under the page title column in the Page List and it will open for editing

Editing your Calendar parser page

Once you open the page to edit, you will see the message: “for Calendar – do not edit or delete”. Don’t worry, you can still edit the page if you follow these next steps:

  1. Click the editable area (i.e., where it says “do not edit or delete”) to open the editor
  2. Click on HTML in the editor
  3. Place your cursor at the beginning of the text in the HTML editor and press your “Enter” key to give yourself some room to type
  4. Type some placeholder text, such as “Write message here”
  5. Select the Update button at the bottom of the HTML window. 

Add your notice message

You can now edit and format the text freely using the i:Create toolbar. Select and change your placeholder text and type the details of your notice. You can add in hyperlinks and buttons as well. To draw attention to your notice, consider applying an emphasis style to it, if available.


When editing the page, be careful that you do not change or remove the “do not edit or delete” line of text.

Ready to publish?

Save the page and publish it. Your message should now appear at the top of all your calendar pages.

How do I post a website alert/use the alert banner? 

You can add a pop-up alert that appears when a visitor arrives on your website. How you create an alert will depend on your version of i:Create.

News Manager V3

If your website was launched after May 2019, you’re likely using New Manager V3, but you can check by looking under the “More +” option in the i:Create Workbench.

Adding an alert with V3:

  1. Click Page List

  2. Select News from the menu on the left-hand side

  3. Create a new page and select the Template “Alerts” from the dropdown list

After that, you can edit and publish the page as if it was a normal page. Once published, it will appear as a pop-up alert/banner. We recommend that you keep all alerts on one page instead of creating multiple alert pages. You can unpublish the page to remove it later on.

News Manager V2

If you’re using News Manager V2, you can add an alert by opening News Manager directly from the “More +” menu in the i:Create Workbench.

From there:

  1. Click the “Add News Item…” button
  2. Select the News Feed “Alert”
  3. Choose one colour for the pop-up alert
  4. Write the content that you’d like to appear inside of the text editor
  5. Publish the alert by setting the Posted Date and then clicking the “Add” button

Please note

Your alert may take up to 15 minutes to appear after you add it to News Manager. You can remove the alert by deleting the news item from News Manager later on.

How our staff is responding

Our staff follows the ongoing recommendations and guidance provided by public health authorities. Staff members are also provided with resources and access to services that help with remote work while the situation continues to evolve.

In extraordinary times like these, we are committed to working together to:

  • Follow the ongoing recommendations of public health authorities
  • Meet the needs of our clients
  • Protect our staff and community
  • Clearly communicate any updates

We are here for you

We continue to offer regular support during our normal business hours and strive to bring you uninterrupted service on ongoing projects, in addition to new services and tools to help you through this crisis and recovery.

Contact us

If you have any questions or if you'd like more information on any of our tools and services, please contact us.

Thank you for being a part of our community's resilient response to the Coronavirus.

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