Usability Testing and Focus Groups

When it comes to gathering feedback and public engagement, the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic presents a unique challenge. What’s the best way to gather information and feedback from residents and stakeholders in your community while everyone is physical distancing? Contact us to discover how you can fine-tune your website, keep your community connected and ensure that voices are still heard.

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Navigation tree testing

Assess the effectiveness of your website’s structure and navigation by asking your users to complete real-world tasks. Navigation tree testing follows a user’s journey through a website’s structure and measures their success. This helps to identify any issues with your navigation and if category labels and language align with a user’s understanding and task. We’ll be able to determine how many people found the correct answer, how they got to their answer, and how long they took to get there.

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Tree testing helps you understand if your:

  • Visitors can find what they're looking for
  • Website’s structure is user-centric
  • Navigation labelling is suitable for your audience
  • Page names and categories convey meaning accurately

Card sorting

Card sorting exercises give great insight into how your visitors understand your content and how it should be organized. They ask participants to group labels written on cards in way a way that makes sense to them. Whether you’re creating a new website from scratch or just want to improve your existing site, card sorting helps you align with your user’s understanding and how they expect to find information on your website.

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Discover and compare how your visitors understand your website with an open, closed or hybrid card sort. Go forward with an informed plan of how you can improve user experience on your website.

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