i:know is a knowledge management system that allows you to answer questions in an interactive and engaging way. With efficient question-answer based data organization, you can respond to questions as quickly as possible, reaching levels of customer service your audience will come to love you for.

Accustomed to instant gratification by today's technologies and social media, audiences have come to expect immediate action when they have a question or a problem to solve. Meeting these expectations, i:know helps you manage the traditional FAQ service of your business or organization in a new and innovative way. 

i:know allows you to grow your database of frequently asked questions based on real questions submitted by your audience and customers. Got a question that's never been asked before? No problem! If the answer isn't already in the system, i:know tracks the question through the answering process, keeping you and your customers up-to-date with progress updates. They'll never feel abandoned or ignored and can be confident that they'll get an answer in a timely manner. The i:know Customer Service Representative (CSR) tool stores a variety of service items for fast search and display, including call scripts and instructions on logging and answering calls. Share your questions and answers wherever and whenever your customers want to find them and keep them in the know.


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