Public Relations Insights

Public Relations Insights

Are you putting your best foot forward when promoting your organization?

A thorough evaluation of your communications function. For just $3,500. 

We know that your reputation matters – whether it’s with your customers, stakeholders, partners, residents, businesses, media, visitors, or investors. It’s something you can control with smart strategy, good media relations and engaging content. But in order to get there, you need clear insights about the current state of your public relations efforts.

Your public perception matters.

Our experienced marketing and communications experts offer a holistic analysis of your public relations landscape. By evaluating your existing communications and marketing tools, tactics, channels and strategies, we can pinpoint where you thrive in managing your public image and where you fall short.

Get the insights you need.

Walk away empowered with the support you need to confidently approach your current communications challenges, including the following takeaways:

PR Insights Report

A full audit and compilation of our comprehensive findings, analysis and recommendations in an easy-to-digest slide deck that you can share with key stakeholders and decision-makers.

PR Action Plan 

A custom plan that outlines prioritized action items for tackling the recommendations presented in the insights report.

Implementation Support

We’re here for you from start to finish… and beyond. Our team can use our findings to advise you on the successful implementation of your action plan.

We're ready when you are. For more information, please contact Gary Williams, Chief Communications Officer. 

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