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Town of Inuvik

North of the Arctic Circle in Canada's Northwest Territories, the Town of Inuvik sought an online identity that would benefit the community and boost tourism - a project centred around a small audience of residents and visitors. 

Smaller audiences are an opportunity to take customized content to the next level, appealing to more specific needs, wants and interests with extremely focused and relatable content. An improved Town website would provide a strong foundation for Inuvik to grow their online presence and gear it toward community members and adventurous visitors. To appeal to this smaller audience, it was important that the new website clearly represent Inuvik and all it has to offer in a simple and remarkable way - mimicking the nature of the town itself.

With approximately 3,400 residents, the Town of Inuvik is nestled between rivers and mountains in Canada's wild north. Accessible by plane, ferry and highway (weather permitting), only about 5% of the town's land area is developed. When the water is cold enough to freeze over in the winter months (from about January to April) the area is accessible by an ice highway over the local rivers.


The solution.


Armed with our warmest winter coats, snow pants and woolies, our project management team arrived in the land of the Midnight Sun after four flights and travelling more than 6,000 km. We got to know the Town of Inuvik through face-to-face meetings with stakeholders, Town staff and community members. As visitors to the area, our web strategy team got to see first-hand the unique character of the Town of Inuvik, finding out what exactly sets Inuvik apart from competing travel destinations and what expectations the community had for their new website. Throwing ourselves into the Great White North experience, we started with some simple travelling via dogsled, which is a lot harder than it looks.

Inuvik Screenshot

How we did it

The Town of Inuvik's new website communicates the community's progressive nature and the unique tourism experience it offers (unlike any other in Canada), while remaining true to Inuvik's rich heritage and cultural values. 

Visual storytelling
A muskrat jamboree, a reindeer crossing, an Igloo Church - the out-of-the-ordinary is common place in Inuvik, and the Town's new website is designed to draw attention to these many one-of-a-kind opportunities. With colourful row houses; stretches of open road to nowhere; untouched wilderness; the infamous Northern Lights; summer months of 24-hour sunlight - visual storytelling entices visitors and sparks a sense of familiarity from residents.

Growth as an online community
Integrating social media channels and online feedback opportunities support the Town's goal for a more prominent online presence that serves both the community and its visitors. These tools encourage an ongoing online conversation, which leads to valuable collaboration. 

The results

Interest in the land of the Midnight Sun is growing and the new website delivers useful, compelling content to turn that interest into planning an adventure north of the Arctic Circle. With a direct link to Destination Inuvik's "Build your own bucket list adventure," the Town's new website is also a useful promotional tool to compete against popular tourists destinations.

Web Strategy

Our web strategy for the Town of Inuvik takes into consideration the community's values, cultural background and future goals. A customized strategy to implement the effective online presence the Town was hoping for was a crucial aspect of the new website's success. 

Training and Ongoing Support

Our expert trainers made sure that the Town was armed with the tools they'd need to update and continuously improve their new website and overall online presence. Our technical support department is also available to answer questions and help solve problems even months after their new website has gone live.


Our i:Create CMS makes maintaining a relevant, up-to-date and engaging website extremely easy for administrative staff - no coding skills required. Staff members of the Town of Inuvik can easily change and update content, images, calls to action and other elements of their web content as often as they'd like. 


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