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World renowned for its rich arts and culture, Stratford, Ontario has gracefully accepted its long-running status as a place to see great live theatre, with small-town appeal and sophisticated cultural opportunities. However, overlooked are the high-speed fibre optic, high-quality broadband and electrical networks - the framework that gives the city the digital infrastructure of a major metropolitan area. Stratford's combination of art and science provides a solid basis for growing economic opportunities such as sustainable, technology-based manufacturing and a vibrant digital media sector.

The Stratford Economic Enterprise Development Corporation (SEEDCO) had a powerful story to tell, but with an acronym that often had them mistaken for a company in the agricultural industry, rebranding SEEDCO was crucial. A new website would help spread the message that Stratford is ready for business to the world. It was time to promote the city as a place to learn, live and invest.

Did you know? 

In 2011, 2012 and 2013, Stratford was named a Top 7 Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) - an awards program honouring cities and regions for using information and communications technology to improve quality of life.

The solution.

How we did it

Brand work with SEEDCO began with understanding and aligning the needs, wants and aspirations of Stratford's stakeholders and the core strengths and values of the community. We translated those into a value proposition that would engage target audiences and encourage users to connect with SEEDCO. The next step was to visually communicate it with a vibrant, new and progressive wordmark and brand line.

Invest Stratford logo and business cards

A customized user experience
Identifying key targets audiences with SEEDCO, we created a unique user-experience and content for each group with multiple information paths within one website.  By integrating a streamlined funneling system directly into the website's homepage and asking visitors what they want to do, the Invest Stratford website helps users find exactly what they are looking for without having to search for it. Recognizing the all-screen experience global users demand, responsive design ensured that same quality look and navigation, regardless of desktop, smartphone, tablet or even SmartTV access. 

Invest Straford website on tablet

Customized reports
Keeping in mind the specific needs of investors, developers and businesses, our web development team also integrated the Report Builder tool into the Invest Stratford website. Using our Report Builder tool, visitors and staff can create their own branded reports about investing in Stratford without having to copy information from the website manually. Simply add content to a report, review the report, and generate the report from saving or printing - all with a few simple clicks. 

Invest Stratford report

The results

The moment someone arrives at their new website, Invest Stratford makes it clear they are ready to do business with them. From site selection to available properties, Invest Stratford's new website appeals to entrepreneurs, big businesses and even students. 

Web Development and Design 

Our expert website development, digital and design teams delivered a website that clearly showcases Stratford as a place to learn, live and invest by providing businesses and investors with the tools they need to bring or start their business in Stratford. 

User Experience

Our team developed a subtle, yet effective way to allow users to branch off to content that appeals to their individual needs and expectations, creating a unique, personalized user experience.  

Marketing and Branding

Our marketing and creative teams worked collaboratively with Invest Stratford to design, communicate and promote the Invest Stratford website and its new, more progressive brand image.

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