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Expectant parents go through quite a journey during a pregnancy. In Ontario, the average age of a woman at the time she gives birth is 30.2, and more than 50 percent of expectant mothers in Ontario are over the age of 30.

Better Outcomes Registry & Network (BORN Ontario) - a program of the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) - wanted to offer an online platform to give pregnant women information they would undoubtedly need, helping them feel at ease, supported and well informed every step of the way.  

While extremely valuable, information about pregnancy and giving birth (and everything else in between) can sometimes be overwhelming, confusing and too clinical for most people to absorb. BORN Ontario believed there was a way to communicate this information that would minimize the stress and anxiety that comes with such a life-changing experience. The relationship between the OMama brand and their audience needed to be strong enough to allow users to trust the information they were getting and find comfort in the support available to them, anytime and anywhere. 

Download the free OMama app and see it in action.

Omama app

OMama began as a two-year maternity care pilot project, launched in December 2015, with support from eHealth Ontario and funding from the Government of Ontario


Under the direction of an Advisory Committee made up of experts in obstetrics, family medicine, midwifery, nursing, e-health, technology, health promotion, social work and health policy, OMama worked closely with us to create a website and custom mobile application to deliver trustworthy, easy-to-understand, reliable information specifically for expectant parents living in Ontario. 


The solution.


More than 1,100 women and maternity care providers in Ontario were surveyed to determine the unique needs of this target audience. This knowledge helped shape the topics included on the OMama website and mobile app. The key to offering solid support to OMama's audience is the organization of this wealth of information available to them. OMama features a unique pairing of a glossary of terms and milestones. Using an interactive, colour-coded timeline, both the website and mobile app guide the audience through these milestones: pre pregnancy, early pregnancy, mid pregnancy, late pregnancy, labour and birth, postpartum and newborn. 

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How we did it

The OMama experience was developed with not just the target audience's experience in mind, but with each and every individual user experience in mind - an ambitious goal that makes OMama a one-of-a-kind, user-focused project. Surrogates, women planning to give their child to adoptive parents, women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, couples who have been planning to have a child for years - OMama is designed to offer support and guidance to all of these individuals. 



O Baby, you're going to be amazed!

Users find trusted information about more than 150 topics related to pregnancy, birth and early parenting without the cold, clinical nature that often accompanies these topics. OMama delivers information that is easy-to-navigate and useful during each milestone, including authoritative information about choosing a birthing place, medications, discomforts, complications, violence and abuse, healthcare, and even counting your baby's heartbeats. Relevant information is available within each milestone of the timeline, when and if it applies. A detailed glossary of key maternity care terms and definitions allows the audience to better understand the often confusing jargon related to medical conditions and pregnancy.

Omama website

Custom Mobile App

The OMama mobile application offers pregnant women a support system designed for their unique journey through a pregnancy.

Web Development and Design

Extensive research and a well-organized design using a colour-coded timeline delivers trustworthy pregnancy information for expectant parents living in Ontario that is constantly updated and seamlessly synced with the mobile app.

Creative Services

From concept to launch, our creative team designed materials to communicate and promote the OMama app and website in an appealing and welcoming way for all end-users. 

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