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The City of Red Deer, Roundabout Public Education Campaign

Building the first two-lane roundabout in Central Alberta, the City of Red Deer supports and encourages development and growth in the northeast area of the city, but drivers, pedestrians and cyclists would need more than just traffic signs and painted lanes to help them navigate roundabouts safely. General educational campaigns about the proper use of roundabouts exist, but the City of Red Deer wanted something unique to speak directly to its community.

With plans to introduce more roundabouts to the community, the City of Red Deer's public education campaign needed to include easy-to-understand and engaging educational materials. Key messages and safety instructions needed to be easy to absorb, holding the attention and interest of citizens long enough to educate them about how to properly use a roundabout.

red der roundabout accordion fold pamphlet mock up

Do you know how to use a roundabout?

Perhaps a better question is do you know what a roundabout is? 

The solution.

Combining animated cartoon cars, bold colours and a bird's eye view to deliver a series of short instructional videos, the City of Red Deer's roundabout education campaign has its own look and feel with a hint of playfulness. With a large number of visual learners out there, digital education materials and skilfully crafted animated shorts appeal to the needs of a broad target audience.

Where did we start? Obviously, we began with a roundabout workflow. 


Roundabout workflow


Getting the community directly involved in the roundabout education campaign, the City of Red Deer conducted surveys (online and in print) about the community's understanding of roundabouts and how they'd like to receive information about how to use them. Videos, online tutorials and printed materials were top ranked educational tools among the respondents. 

Red Deer Roundabout panels in pins

The results

The City of Red Deer Roundabout Mini-Series is popular with drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike who use roundabouts. To ensure an even wider audience reach, a printed informational brochure mimics the look and feel of the 3D animations used in the instructional videos. Also with the same look and feel, a microsite dedicated to roundabouts (accessible through the City of Red Deer website) acts as a go-to source to "get your head around a roundabout."


Provided with technical instructions for proper roundabout use, our marketing and animation team condensed and simplified the video script, developed a storyboard and designed animations to simplify then visually demonstrate the steps of using a roundabout.

Character Development

Maintaining a simple, yet clean look for animated videos and the print brochure, our marketing team designed an animated two-lane roundabout and vehicles to fit the look and feel the City of Red Deer wished to portray - inexpensive and uncomplicated.

Creative Services

The City of Red Deer utilized a number of our creative services to ensure a cohesive, consistent look and feel of materials for their roundabout education campaign, including video production, 3D animation, marketing print materials and microsite web design. 

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