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Durham Catholic District School Board (DCDSB)

With a fresh new brand image, a progressive strategic plan and a large, diverse target audience, the Durham Catholic District School Board (DCDSB) needed to find a way to communicate their vision, goals and brand through an improved online presence, consistent across all channels. 

DCDSB website on monitor and phone

The DCDSB employs 2,200 staff members and has an approximate enrolment of 21,000 students at 38 elementary schools, 7 secondary schools and 6 alternative and continuing education sites. Delivering its mission and services to 7 municipalities, the DCDSB's target audience includes:

  • Parents/caregivers
  • Board officials and members
  • Trustees
  • Educators
  • The Teachers' Union
  • Local dignitaries
  • Media
  • Potential and current students
  • Local parishes
  • Community partners

Empowering the organization today for a changing tomorrow.

Improving brand recognition and services offered to their audience, the DCDSB's web redesign needed to align with their strategic plan: Discovery 2020. Building a strong relationship between the DCDSB and its audience, we needed to develop an online presence that clearly represents the Board and its values across all platforms, while incorporating modern technology to improve online services.   

The solution.

DCDSB tablet

How we did it

Following the DCDSB's strategic plan, eSolutions approached the project with three main objectives in mind:

  1. Collaborative Communication
  2. Consistent Branding and Visual Identity
  3. Community Engagement 

Creating a true sense of community, the DCDSB website, custom mobile app and individual school websites are designed to reach each sub-audience of users, improving communication between parents, teachers, students and Board staff, and strengthening these relationships for continued improvements.   

Multiple user needs. One website
With a variety of users coming to the DCDSB website, each with their own set of unique needs and wants, we designed a homepage that allows visitors to identify themselves first, providing easy navigation to information relevant to that particular user. Integration of existing online tools, such as Absent Student Reporting and Safe and Caring Schools Anonymous Reporting for bullying and other school safety issues, also make it quick and easy for users to complete tasks. 

Dog ate your homework? No problem! 
On the new individual school websites a chance to provide further student support is introduced through unique teachers'/classroom pages where updates relevant to specific courses are easily published on a regular basis. By embracing the latest technology and recognizing the shift towards online learning, these pages help parents and caregivers stay informed and students stay on track with easy access to information about what's happening in their classrooms. 

DCDSB secondary school website

Staying informed on-the-go.

Drawing on the wealth of information available - on the Board's website and the individual school websites - the DCDSB custom mobile app delivers real-time notifications about what's new, directly to a user's mobile device. Customizing their own stream of information, users can choose which school and teachers'/classroom pages they'd like to "follow". All users also receive news and alerts to Board-related updates and have access to online tools, including reporting student absences, reporting bullying and checking school bus schedules. And with the remarkably easy-to-manage technology of our i:Create CMS and the data streaming capabilities of pingstreet, staff members simply update necessary webpages and that's it - notifications are sent out automatically.   

DCSDB mobile app

i:Create CMS

Meeting the DCDSB staff's need for a secure, easy-to-use content management system (CMS), the Board's website and individual school websites use the i:Create CMS for fast and efficient updates. 

Custom Mobile App

Our mobile experts designed a custom mobile app for the DCDSB in order to reach their large audience of mobile-users who are always on-the-go, making it easy for this school community to communicate and stay informed. 

Web Design and Development

The DCDSB's web design and development project included improved brand recognition and online presence through a consistent look and feel, as well as clear messaging across all platforms. 

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