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Grand River Transit, easyGO Mobile App

With 2,514 bus stops in the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge, Grand River Transit (GRT) wanted to give their riders the best user experience possible by making it easier for them to get accurate and up-to-date information about GRT's services. Since two-thirds of their customers are millennials under 35 years old, and 54 percent are students, a mobile app was the perfect solution to reach GRT's goals.

With people constantly on the go and a significant number of millennial students using GRT services, we had to meet the expectations of GRT riders who are used to getting information whenever and wherever they want it. The data that users want is found in GRT's General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data, but these feeds needed to be transformed into consumable information for users who just want to know when the next bus is coming. Riders want an exact time and they want it immediately without having to search for it.

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We designed GRT's custom mobile app, easyGo and supporting website to work with GTFS data as well as data from any mobile device.


The app not only makes it easy to find a bus schedule, it includes real-time information such as bus arrival times, route information, live news feeds and detour information. 

The solution.


Through a Needs Analysis, we worked closely with GRT to create the end-to-end experience their riders expected. GRT was involved in every step of the process from concept designs through to Quality Assurance (QA). 

How we did it

With daily updates for hundreds of bus stops, the easyGO app takes an overwhelming amount of data and translates it into a cohesive user experience. Working closely with GRT, we solved a wide range of challenges (such as the clutter of bus stop markers in bus terminal areas on the map) by reorganizing data into more useful and visual ways for mobile users.   


Your App
The Favourites tool makes it simple for users to save specific bus stops and routes for quick and convenient access the next time they need it. For regular transit riders, that could mean accessing information for one bus stop every weekday morning as they leave home to catch their bus.

Your Map
GRT's Real-Time Map is a service all on its own with custom elements, giving people the ability to look up routes and stops, view arrival times and see where vehicles are located on specific routes. It's an entirely new level of customer service that many other transit organizations are trying to reach.    

Your Way
There's nothing worse than hopping on a bus and finding out that a detour is going to make you miss your next planned stop. An informed rider is a happy rider, so GRT's new mobile application delivers updates including news and detours. easyGO users can access real-time transit stop details including a list of the next three departure times for every bus route that services the selected bus stop. 

Web Development & Design

Using our expert services, we delivered a website to support the easyGO app by including access to the Real-Time Map, and opportunities to download the free application.

Custom Application

The custom Real-Time Map translates GTFS data into a visual format that is easy to understand and allows riders to use the data the way they need to.

Custom Mobile App

Our team developed the easyGO custom mobile application in a clean and organized format, including a dashboard for the user to navigate through the app's available tools.

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