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The Municipality of Central Elgin needed an online, automated process to simplify the recruiting tasks completed by their hiring staff.

Located on the banks of Lake Erie, Central Elgin is just south of London, Ontario. With easy transportation access to surrounding municipalities and a large local workforce to draw from, Central Elgin's HR team and hiring managers were looking for an online solution that could not only significantly reduce the amount of time spent on the administration of their recruiting process, but accelerate response times for candidates and solve other common daily recruitment issues. 

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After seeing eSolutions' presentation about modern recruitment solutions at the 2015 Golden Triangle Meeting of Municipal HR Administrators in Stratford, Ontario, the Municipality of Central Elgin discovered the answer to their hiring needs: a WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant applicant tracking system (ATS) called RecruitRight. We worked closely with Central Elgin and analyzed how RecruitRight could help make their recruitment process faster, more efficient and accessible. 

The solution.

How we did it

Simple. Fast. Online. The RecruitRight ATS helped Central Elgin develop a more efficient hiring process, from managing applications to background and reference checks. Being mobile-friendly and accessible, RecruitRight provides a paperless, automated system that is easy for administrative staff to use and appeals to the anytime-anywhere needs of today's applicants. 

Reduce your time to hire. 

HR staff spends hours reading unqualified application submissions and tracking numerous applicants through traditional recruitment processes using spreadsheets. This requires a lot of valuable HR resources as hiring managers sift through applicants to find the ones that may be suitable for a particular position, and manually track potential candidates through the process. 

RecruitRight helps HR staff eliminate unqualified applicants from the beginning by using customizable pre-screening questions to efficiently filter the most qualified applicants with the click of a button. Automated email notifications keep top candidates engaged, and confirm application submissions and the status of application reviews. Data export functions for reporting and tracking make analysis easy for every stage of the process.

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Stop accepting job applications through email. 

Central Elgin's recruitment process required applicants to individually request application forms, which they would then fill out and submit by email. RecruitRight is designed to take the back-and-forth with applicants out of the process altogether by moving the application process online and automating certain tasks previously handled manually by HR staff. Automated emails and the ability for applicants to set up their own personal profiles simplifies the hiring process and creates an even faster application process for returning applicants. RecruitRight's online application process is available 24/7, which allows applicants to apply to jobs and update their profiles at any time and from anywhere. 

A customizable recruitment process. Now that's hiring, simplified. 

With the HR department's unique Career Profiles, Central Elgin's need for customizable application forms was a must when it came to exploring new, modern applicant tracking and job posting systems. RecruitRight allows staff to create customized qualifying questions, reusable questions and question groupings that can be used again and again.

RecruitRight admin interface

eSolutions' RecruitRight system takes a leadership role in the area of accessible online public sector services and meets the digital accessibily standards of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). 

Integration and Training

RecruitRight is designed to be implemented in a matter of days and in some cases, in just hours. Integration also includes hands-on training.

User Group

A unique RecruitRight User Group provides our clients with the opportunity to provide feedback, share ideas and contribute their experience to continually improve the system, better meeting the needs of recruiters.

Technical Support

eSolutionsGroup is committed to ongoing technical support for all of of our products including RecruitRight. 

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