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Non-compliant bids cost buyers and vendors time and money. With a growing database of suppliers, and more and more complex projects, the Town of Newmarket saw the need for a procurement system that would improve the accuracy of bids received by procurement staff and efficiencies in posting, managing, comparing and selecting from those bids.

So, Newmarket did what others had been talking about for years -- they introduced a fully electronic bidding system that makes the procurement process faster and more efficient for both staff and vendors. Since the launch of Newmarket's bids&tenders system in September 2014, it has successfully closed 170 e-bids with close to 100 per cent compliancy.

The solution.


Eighteen months of research and consultations with partners and public procurement officers across Canada and the United States created the groundwork for Newmarket's new e-bidding system.

Potential issues were identified and addressed through a review of e-bidding case law and by conducting extensive mock bidding exercises with Surety Association of CanadaDefense Construction CanadaNewmarket Chamber of Commerce (and the vendor community),  Mobile Bonds and Xenex Enterprises Inc

How we did it

Working closely with Newmarket's procurement staff, our procurement solution experts created a customized (and now award-winning) product called bids&tenders that streamlines the bidding process, saving both buyers and suppliers time and money. 

The results.

Newmarket was one of the first municipalities in Canada to offer an end-to-end eProcurement process with bids&tenders

As part of that approach, the Town's procurement staff have seen growth in the number of digital bonds received compared to scanned PDFs. The benefits of digital bonding is recognised by both surety providers and bidders because it eliminates the need to rely on couriers to deliver bonds and provides owners the ability to authenticate bonds at closing.

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Quality bids. Faster results.

With a built-in quality control function, bids&tenders reduces the need for Bids Review Panel meetings; automatically performs a quality check to ensure the bidder has entered all mandatory information (such as pricing) before bids can be submitted; and has a simplified, automated post-closing process including bid calculations, significantly reducing the chance of human errors and allowing for the posting of unofficial results almost instantly. 

Mock bids. Real value.

Armed with real-life feedback from their mock bidding exercises, the Town of Newmarket addressed some vital issues to make sure their e-bidding process was simple, efficient and best of all, designed to serve both their procurement staff and bidders.

As the bids&tenders online procurement system continues to grow in popularity among vendors, other mock tender exercises have helped to continuously improve functionality and usability. Read about the Ontario General Contractors Association's (OGCA) mock tender initiative with four OGCA members, using the Town of Milton's town hall expansion as the sample project.

Some problems (and solutions) addressed through mock bidding exercises include: 

1) What if a bid is late due to internet traffic?

Realizing that a bid transmission can be delayed due to internet clogs caused by things like file sizes and transmission speeds, Newmarket's bid documents clearly inform bidders that the timing of bid submissions is based on when the bid is received by bids&tenders, not when a bid is submitted by a bidder.

2) What if bidders and brokers are not ready to use digital Bonds in Ontario?

bids&tenders offers two submission options for Bid Bonds and Agreement to Bond. You can submit either a digital Bid Bond or Agreement to Bond, or you can submit a scanned PDF of your Bid Bond or Agreement to Bond.

Since launching bids&tenders, Newmarket has seen a growth in the number of digital bonds received compared to scanned PDFs as both surety providers and bidders understand the benefits of digital bonding for all parties, such as not having to rely on couriers to deliver bonds and the ability for owner's to authenticate bonds at closing.

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3) What if there are addendum changes that get overlooked?

When changes related to an addendum are required, bids&tenders automatically withdraws the bid and sends an automated email to inform the bidder that they need to resubmit with the required changes. Taking it one step further, bids&tenders even sends automatic reminders to bidders 48 hours and 24 hours before the bid closing. 

Automated tools for improved efficiencies.

Automated processes are key to bids&tenders success as a simplified eProcurement system, including: 

  • Automatic quality checks
  • Automated post-closing process
  • Automated emails to inform bidders of addendum and related submission changes required
  • Countdown clock for bid closing times
  • Automated email reminders sent to bidders 48 hours and 24 hours before bid closing
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Months of Research

eSolutions' products and services work together ensuring client success.


bids&tenders allows Newmarket to take control of their procurement process, connect with vendors more efficiently, and free up time for more strategic service contributions. 

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