3 things you can do to get ready for Emergency Preparedness Week

On-Demand Webinar

Know your risks. Make a plan. Get a kit.

Emergency Preparedness Week (EP Week) kicks off on Sunday, May 2 to remind residents about the importance of preparing a 72-hour kit to keep their family safe in an emergency. But what does your local government EP week kit include?

Join Colleen Collins, Director of Digital Communications in this webinar as she shares her twist on those 3 key messages to help your municipality get ready to participate in Emergency Preparedness Week.

Colleen Collins


Colleen Collins | Director of Digital Communications Services 

With more than 15 years of experience in municipal communications, Colleen’s strategic insights and passion for delivering high-quality customer service has helped her clients share information and connect with their audiences.

Why she’s awesome: Her extensive knowledge of municipal services and strong understanding of residents’ needs allows her to deliver highly effective communications, engagement and branding strategies that resonate with target audiences and drive citizen engagement.