Starting a Digital Transformation at your Municipality


Join us and our panel of experts who will dive into the challenge of digitalization and the transition to a smart city.

Our panelists will provide practical examples of where cities can start their digitalization journey, where ‘smart cities’ are going and provide real-life examples of what cities around the world are already doing as part of their transformation.

Key discussion points:

  1. How can cities start their digital transformation
  2. What are some cities already doing to get started
  3. What does the future hold for cities

Our panelists


Maureen O'Higgins, Consultant at O’Higgins Consulting Maureen will talk about the need for digitalization at municipalities and the potential return on investment cities can realize.
Sarah-Beth Bianchi, Manager of Digital Transformation and Strategy, City of Kitchener Sarah-Beth will talk about how their municipality got started, what they’ve learned, and how their first major step, MyKitchener, is already driving change.
Steven Karan, GHD Digital Leader, Canada Steven will talk about the bigger picture of smart cities – from AI to automation, and where cities should start setting their sights.