Enhance your safety inspection capabilities

Improve your organization’s accountability, better manage your safety issues, and prioritize corrective actions before accidents happen. Safety Inspection tracks health and safety inspections online, from major to minor risks, organizing records, and ensuring that safety is a priority.

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Why Safety Inspection?

Save time

Quickly view and respond to outstanding safety hazards identified, or print out reports in PDF and Excel.

Submit reports from anywhere

Easy-to-follow steps help inspectors quickly complete reports while in the field, either from a tablet or hand-held device.

Manage users with ease

Keep track of all your users, and create user groups to give access to different modules for staff across your organization.

Keep data centralized

View all safety inspections conducted across your organization from one central dashboard, and easily create or schedule new inspections.


Manage multiple locations

Centrally manage site safety across multiple physical locations.

Real-time data

Access real-time, synchronized data through a central repository.

Track hazard types

Easily track hazard types and analyze trends to aid in corrective actions.

Review completed inspections

Review previously completed inspections and track identified hazards.

Track violations

Track violations, notes, actions and recommendations for each inspection.

Track locations

Track locations, hazard types, dates, inspectors and more for useful data and trends.

Create reports

Export data into reports and graphical representations.

Configure your process

Configure templates, task management and dropdown lists.

Use on any device

Responsive design for use across all devices.

Get in touch about Safety Inspection

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