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Effective communication is critical for building trust and connecting with internal and external stakeholders. We create strategies that help you share information, nurture relationships with citizens and cultivate authentic dialogue with the public.

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Communications at its root is about sharing information with others. Good communications can help strengthen relationships, spark innovation and empower people to make informed decisions. Transparent, proactive communications can enhance your reputation, protect your citizens and encourage better decision-making.

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Communications Planning

From annual marketing and communications strategies to project or event campaigns, our team of experts can help you tell your story. We start by gaining a deep understanding of the challenge at hand, identifying your goals, mapping out the audiences and stakeholders you need to reach and then defining how you’ll evaluate success at the end of the campaign. From there we build strong key messages that resonate with your audience using the tactics that will effectively reach them.



Creating consistent, inspiring and shareable content can be tough. That's why we have a dedicated team that's experienced in creating the right copy to fit your needs.

Whether it's key messages, report summaries, success stories, web content, advertising copy, blogs, e-newsletters, briefing notes, media releases, scripts, storyboards or social media posts, eSolutions is primed and ready to take on any sort of writing challenge you may have.


Community Engagement 

Our experts can work with your team to develop strategies to engage key stakeholders using the principles and best practices established by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). Starting with a clear understanding of the goals, we develop a strategy and identify tactics and engagement exercises to foster respectful and constructive dialogue with audiences. We can execute the strategy, from digital engagement solutions to in person or virtual facilitation, as well as the promotional strategies that will help raise awareness and motivate


Website Launch Communications Plan

Our team of marketing and communications professionals can help you boldly launch your new website and soar to higher audience engagement. Our experts create an easy-to-implement plan and marketing materials that build awareness, excitement and support for your new website. We can help explain website features in human terms to help users get the most of their browsing experience. Packages are designed to suit your needs and achieve your goals.

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