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Our election websites include:

  • Development of an elections website
  • Choice of 11 colours
  • Sitemap and page setup
  • and so much more.

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How an elections website can help

Inform your voters

Our elections websites make it easy for the public to find important information about the upcoming municipal election before the election period, on election night, and for six months after. 

Elections information is important, specific, and timely. Adding elections data to your main website can overwhelm citizens looking for something else, and urgent elections information can be buried under the permanent site information. Separating the site out ensures that citizens can find elections information quickly, without interrupting your existing site’s carefully planned navigation and structure.

Grow your potential for voter engagement

Deliver the information citizens want, and more importantly the information they need. Increase voter engagement and turn the 2022 municipal election into your most successful election yet!

Citizens interested in learning more about candidates, voter locations, and volunteering will find all the information they need in one place. 

Manage heavy online traffic

Due to the timely nature of elections information, a large amount of traffic can hit your website all at once. 

Even with potentially increased traffic on election night when performance matters most, our dedicated elections sites provide a responsive, stable environment for sharing information, and an uninterrupted experience for the public.

Maintain branding and accessibility

Elections information must be credible and consistent to build trust with your citizens. Your dedicated elections site will use your chosen colour palette selection, and comes branded with your logo and links to your main website. 

Data is provided in a fully accessible, AODA complaint template to ensure every citizen can access the information they need to participate in the election. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What is included with the purchase of the website?

You'll receive a template, built to match your existing website's look and feel, that you can populate with your elections information including key elections information, voting dates and times, polling locations, candidates, FAQ, and more. You'll also receive training on how to easily set up and maintain your elections website. 

2. Do I have to get eSolutions to make changes to the information? How quickly does that happen?

Because of the easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) and the training we provide, you are able to manage the information yourselves, and can make changes in real time, any time. 

3. What will the elections site look like?

You can see what the template for the elections site looks like here, but keep in mind that the demo site may not have all the content and functionality you'd like. What content and pages your site has is up to you. You get to choose from one of eleven colour palettes, and also include your logo. The site comes with stock imagery, but you have control over those images as well! 

4. How long does it take to set up an elections website? 

Your elections website can be ready in as little as three weeks. It is available as a live resource to the public until 6 months after the election. 

5. During the last election, our site experienced slowdown during peak traffic on election night. Does an elections site address this?

Yes, with a dedicated website solution for elections, traffic is diverted away from your municipal site and toward the new platform, backed by servers and technology designed to handle the expected rise in traffic at peak times.