Top 10 Municipal Websites

Discover eSolutionsGroup's Best Designed Municipal Websites from 2021 

Are you looking to create a next-level web experience to address your citizens needs and expectations? Get inspired by our best designed websites that bring more accessibility and engagement to citizens. Here’s a roundup of the top ten eSolutionsGroup websites in 2021.  

City of Medicine Hat 

City sets new benchmark for accessing citizen services

The City of Medicine Hat makes its next move into its digital evolution by investing in a new website and “myMH” citizen portal to improve their local government services with more engaging, accessible technology. 

City of Medicine Hat Homepage
City of Medicine Hat Homepage

The robust, new increases usability with a re-organized layout and navigable design so users can confidently find valuable information that is positioned front and centre for residents.

What makes this website standout is its integration to Citizen Portal. Created for any city, the citizen portal application allows citizens to personalize a dashboard of online city services to match their unique lifestyles so their property taxes, community events and even garbage schedules are available anytime and anywhere. Plus, calendar and news items displayed on the website are automatically populated into the portal, creating an integrated experience for residents. 

The City of Kitchener 

City forges a new way to connect with citizens

The City of Kitchener’s motivation to re-connect with citizens at a deeper, more interactive level inspired their desire for a new site and web application that took engagement and technology to new heights.

City of Kitchener Homepage
City of Kitchener Homepage

Using analytics to determine resident behaviours and top searches, the City of Kitchener was able to design with a simple, yet dynamic, home page that provides quick access to the cities main services. With these changes, the city has been able to reduce the time users take to find information, while also providing a more rich and visually stunning website.

“The MyKitchener website and portal will forever change the way citizens interact with the City.”
Mayor Berry Vrbanovic
City of Kitchener

In addition to the city’s new site, their myKitchener customer service portal offers users the ability to curate a dashboard of online services that matter most to them. 

Lakeland College 

College increases student engagement with online services

To increase its caliber in the education landscape, Lakeland College launched a new website that elevates its offerings to perspective students and increases student engagement with improved online services. allows the college to interact meaningfully with its students and faculty using its accessible platform and digital engagement tools.

Lakeland College Homepage
Lakeland College Homepage

What makes it stand-out? The new feedback tool integrated into the website allows staff the opportunity to gather valuable feedback from students, helping them to support their future program decisions at the college.

In addition, the content management system for the site allows staff of all technical backgrounds to manage content updates confidently and efficiently for events, programs, news releases and more.

Caledon Business

Investment in new website stimulates new business within community

Caledon positions its economic development offerings in a forward-thinking, modern website to guide the start and growth of local businesses and investments.
Caledon Business Homepage
Caledon Business Homepage

If you’re looking to start a business, gives ample reason to choose their town. With intuitive, quick-action buttons on the homepage and visually pleasing designs that highlight the areas opportunities, new businesses can gather essential information to kick start their business operations with success.

What makes it really stand out is the available lands add-on, giving potential new businesses quick access to any listed properties so they can setup shop and start growing their business in Caledon.

Whitecap Dakota First Nation 

New site presence strengthens community engagement

To build upon the Whitecap Dakota First Nation's strong sense of community and culture, the community revamped its digital presence with a responsive, mobile-friendly website. 

Whitecap Dakota First Nations Homepage
Whitecap Dakota First Nations Homepage

With stunning natural beauty, the Whitecap Dakota First Nation embarked on the creation of a new website to better profile its natural beauty, while also increasing community engagement. noteworthy features that bring community closer together include a community calendar with advanced search capabilities and a news and alerts feature that allows users to subscribe and receive regular email notifications about community updates.

Invest Windsor-Essex 

Driving investment in the Windsor-Essex Region with new online tools 

To promote Windsor-Essex as a competitive location for both foreign and local investment, the new Invest Windsor Essex website was created, enabling easier access to data and information relevant to site selectors and local businesses for the purpose of investment, expansion and talent attraction.

Invest Windsor-Essex Homepage
Invest Windsor-Essex Homepage

The new website beautifully profiles the opportunities that businesses can realize if they move to the region. From close proximity to the states, to a skilled labour force, the new website quickly profiles the key reasons attributes of the city.

What makes it standout? The Site Selection and Data section quickly showcases what business need to know – from properties available, to economic trends and information on the workforce. This customizable, one-stop inventory showcases everything that Windsor-Essex has to offer and provides content rich areas to further explore and gives businesses a compelling reason to set up shop.

Halton Regional Police Service

HRPS transforms digital presence to boost two-way community engagement and service delivery

The Halton Regional Police required a central location and an easy tool to provide the community with important information, news releases and updates. The new introduces a clean, well organized web design that delivers a simplified and pleasant user experience. 

Halton Regional Police Service Homepage
Halton Regional Police Service Homepage

During an emergency, an alert banner helps citizens stay safe and informed during crisis situations. Also, staff can easily draft news items and post them to the website through the new Media Releases module. 

The best part? Citizens can request officers for community events, traffic control, business security and more on the website. Available 24/7, the new Off Duty system enables HRPS to better serve their citizens’ needs at all times and reduces the administrative workload by 75%.

Tourism Brantford

Brand new, beautiful tourism website encourages exploration for visitors of City of Brantford

Situated on the picturesque Grand River in the heart of southwestern Ontario, Brantford desired to showcase its beauty and all that the City has to offer with a refreshed tourism website. The new brings improved design and functionality, while helping users digitally find the best places to stay, dine, adventure, or relax. 

Discover Brantford Homepage
Discover Brantford Homepage

Using high quality images that showcase Brantford’s natural magnificence and its unique attractions and events, the City designed an engaging, attractive, and attention-grabbing homepage with menus and verticals that reflect the organization’s brand and feel.

What makes it really standout is its Itinerary Ideas section. This area gives tourists a quick snapshot of activities they can try – from food to adventure – tourists can build a visit that is tailored to their needs.

Tourism Brantford worked with eSolutionsGroup on a website redevelopment project with an extremely tight timeline and many unique demands. They took the time to get to know our destination and our markets and was very careful to ensure that we were happy every step of the way.
Sara Munroe
Manager of Tourism, Culture & Sport, Economic Development & Tourism Department at the City of Brantford

Northern Rockies Tourism

New website allows Northern Rockies visitors to explore area’s unique lifestyle and tourism opportunities 

The new Northern Rockies Tourism website invites visitors to explore the region, its tourism businesses and amenities and plan for a future of travel ahead. 

Tourism Northern Rockies Homepage
Tourism Northern Rockies Homepage

With improved navigation, accessibility, information display, and emergency notifications, the new streamlines information delivery to residents, visitors, and future visitors. The website makes the cut for our top 10 due to its interactive Travel Guide where residents can search a specific area in the Regional Municipality, choose from a pre-set list of attractions, or just click on the map to quickly see what the area has to offer. 

St. Marys Tourism 

Unique attractions and opportunities freshly showcased with new St. Marys tourism website 

The new Town of St. Marys Tourism website is aimed at boosting tourism to the town, featuring an array of experiences to help visitors plan a simple evening to a full weekend getaway during any season. 

From highlighting the top 10 attractions in the region to profiling exciting upcoming events, the website provides potential visitors with a compelling reason to visit the area. 

Discover St. Marys Homepage
Discover St. Marys Homepage

What makes it standout? Its business directory allows visitors to search for business – either by type or name – and allows them to add it to an itinerary, allowing them to plan the perfect escape.

“While tourism promotion was slowed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it provided an opportunity to create the website that can be used to promote St. Marys. Everything from our trails to our waterways to events that we will hopefully be able to host again someday.”
Kelly Deeks-Johnson
Tourism and Economic Development Manager for St.Marys

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